Alpine Weather Resistant Multi-View Front Camera - HCE-C2600FD

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With this three-view mode front camera expansion kit, get in and out of tight spots in the city with ease.


  • Going rock crawling or trail riding? The weather resistant HCE-C2600FD will help you steer away from obstacles in front of and on the sides of your vehicle, even in the off-road elements.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology enhances detail in light and dark conditions
  • Selectable 3 View Modes (Panorama/Corner/Ground) with select Alpine head units via Direct Connection and Multi-Camera Selector
  • 180 degree horizontal, 125 degree vertical viewing angles
  • Automatic exposure and white balance adjustment
  • Wide Illumination Range (1.5 to 100,000 Lux)
  • 1/4 inch CMOS Image Sensor (1280 x 960, 1.2M pixels)
  • IP 68 Water and Dust-proof
  • Universal Mounting Bracket and 10ft Waterproof Direct Extension Cable Included
  • Compatible with Multi-Camera Selector (KCX-C250MC or KCX-C2600B sold separately)
  • Compatible with License Plate Camera Mounting Kit (KTX-C10LP sold separately)


The HCE-C2600FD has three viewing modes to show obstacles on the sides and in front of your vehicle from different angles: Panorama, Corner and Ground Views. The camera system includes automatic imaging functions such as metering and white balance adjustment for clearer viewing.


The New High Dynamic Range (HDR) drive assist cameras have incredible image quality in varying levels of light. This new features eliminates image wash-out common when going from areas of heavy shade into areas with bright sunlight.


The HCE-C2600FD is rated at IP68 (International Protection Rating), so it’s protected from dust and water immersion up to one meter.


The HCE-C2600FD is only compatible with Alpine AVN or AV systems with a direct camera input. If you’re using the HCE-C2600FD along with an Alpine rear view camera system, you need to add the KCX-C250MC Multi-Camera Selector Interface (sold separately) to switch back and forth between the images from the various cameras. The KCX-C250MC is compatible with up to three camera systems.


The KTX-C10LP license plate frame camera mounting kit (sold separately) is an easy way to install the HCE-C2600FD camera to the front of your vehicle. The KTX-C10LP has a built-in LED to increase the visibility of nighttime images. The housing allows the HCE-C2600FD camera to tilt up to 45 degrees, so you can adjust it to the optimal viewing angle for your vehicle.


Use the HCE-C2600FD to help with tricky situations in the city. The HCE-C2600FD lets you view obstacles from different angles for the front and sides of your vehicle.

Panorama View: Get a wide look of what’s in front of your vehicle, with a large angle of field (180° horizontal/125° vertical).

Corner View: This split-screen view shows the area beyond the front left and right corners of the vehicle. This is particularly helpful when approaching a busy intersection.

Ground View: Ground View shows how close objects are in front of your vehicle, which is helpful when parallel parking to see the depth of your bumper in relation to the curb.


Do you have a Jeep and take it on off-road adventures like rock crawling? The HCE-C2600FD works like a spotter in these situations. Due to the bulkiness of the Jeep’s hood, it can sometimes be hard to see immediately in front of you. Use the HCE-C2600FD to help with these challenges:

Panorama View gives you a wide 180º landscape view perspective of the terrain which helps you navigate in tight spaces.

Corner View: Use the Corner view to identify obstacles on the sides of your vehicle and your distance from them, or how the distance of a rock in relation to your front tire.

Ground View lets you see cracks and crevices in the path immediately in front of your vehicle, so you can adjust your driving accordingly. If you’re tackling a steep incline, the Ground View lets you see the decline in front of you.

The HCE-C2600FD can also be installed as a forward-facing application underneath your Jeep. This allows you to position the camera so it can be used to monitor the suspension or front wheels, giving you immediate viewing of these items from your Alpine touch screen.

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