Why choose Audio Link for your professional installation?

For two reasons :

  • Customer Service
  • Quality of Installation

At Audio Link we don't just want your business, we want your repeat business. It is extremely important to us that you are completely satisfied with the work that we have done on your vehicle. At Audio Link we take enormous pride in our work. We offer installation services ranging from a simple radio upgrade to full custom installs. If you are looking for more than just great sound from your car audio system, we can create a unique system designed for you. Our team of skilled installers can carry out almost anything you have in mind for your car, truck,motorhomeor boat.

Remote car starters

Living in Saskatchewan can be a challenge! Why suffer the freezing cold morning commute when you could simply press a button and enjoy a warm and comfortable drive. At Audio Link we install only the best brand name, Canadian manufactured car starters. Canadian manufactured means that the engineer designing your starter understands just how cold it can get here. Whether you choose a simple one way starter or the latest two way starters you will receive the finest products at Audio Link. Don't forget that you can use that remote starter in the summer time as well - just leave your air conditioning on and enjoy year round comfort.


How do you prevent the opportunist thief from breaking into or stealing your pride and joy? Easy - take the opportunity away. A properly protected vehicle is too much of a risk for your average thief. Replacing a car window can cost hundreds of dollars not to mention the damage done when someone pulls your cd player out of the dash. Why not drop in and see us? We can take a look at your vehicle, assess its current level of security and recommend areas for improvement. It won't cost you a penny but it could save you a fortune!


There are many components that make up a high quality car audio system and we have them all! Whether you want to upgrade your standard radio cassette unit to a cd player, or want a full-on competition winning install, we have the products and the knowledge.

Head unit

The most important part of any audio system is the head unit (music source). We offer quality products from Alpine and Kenwood. Ranging from entry level cd players to double din in-dash screens with dvd playback, navigation and bluetooth. The majority of our head units offer I-pod connectivity so you can keep all your music on your I-pod. That means no more scratched or lost cds and having the ability to take your entire music library with you in your car.


Factory fitted speakers are generally made of weather treated paper, and they usually don't have high quality sound. We offer a range of upgrades starting with quality coaxial speakers to audiophile component combos.


If you like your music loud then consider an amplifier. Installing an amplifier gives you a high quality power source that will drive your speakers without straining them which results in a cleaner more defined sound at all volume levels.


Upgrading your speakers certainly improves the clarity and stereo imaging but there is still something missing! We can add a little bump in the trunk or we can rattle your fillings loose. Sealed or ported subwoofer enclosures will improve and extend the dynamic range of your system. Hear your music the way it was meant to be heard.


Are we there yet? If you have kids we know you have heard this once or twice before! Long journeys can be very boring for children and therefore; very tedious for adults. Imagine driving for hours without a peep from the back seat! Sounds too good to be true - read on. With modern technology the possibilities are vast - from watching movies & cartoons to playing video games, a car journey can become great fun.

Headrest monitors

In systems that require separate monitors, LCD screens are used, these vary in size from 5 inch to 7 inch. These can be fitted into the back of the driver and passenger seat headrests.

Roof mounted monitors

Screens that fold down from the roof are another popular choice. Some screens incorporate interior lights so you can fit them in place of your car's factory light. Roof mounted monitors come in various sizes up to 20 inchs.


The source can be an in-dash DVD player. Most head units can accept input from many sources. From DVDs or DIVX encoded video disks to I-pod video. Imagine having a library of movies to entertain your children with. You can even connect game consoles such as a Playstation3 or X-box 360. The possibilities are endless.

About us

We have a well stocked showroom with a comprehensive range of products on display for you to try. We specialize in all aspects of car audio and security. Ranging from bluetooth to navigation, alarms to remote car starters. Whether you are looking for a simple speaker upgrade or a full blown custom audio/multimedia system - our skilled installers can carry out almost any request. We offer custom fabrication of subwoofer enclosures, door panels, trunk trimming and much more. Our team of experts are ready to assist you with all your mobile installation needs.