Krazy Kiley's

(Remote Starters - Remote Car Starter)

The Autostart™ AS-1780 includes AM technology and will provide maximum range and better immunity against RF interference. Autostart's AS-1780 model's programmable 5th button operates as a stop button or to control the expansion module through shift key operation.

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Additional Information Monopole antenna with embedded bright-blue LED; HDR technology; Safe start; Swap start; Home valet mode; Remote controlled valet mode; Ignition controlled valet mode; Multi-car operation; 5th button with stop / panic functions; Built-in basic OEM-style Alarm; Virtual Tach System (automatic transmission mode ONLY); 3 auxiliary outputs
Number of Remotes 2
Remote Screen None
Range 2952.76 feet / 900 m
Trunk Popping Yes
Keyless Entry Yes

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