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This Powered Home Theater Soundbar with Bluetooth Music Streaming features nine full-range 2.5" high excursion composite cone drivers with Three-dimensional Soundfield™.

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High-performance soundbar with Bluetooth® connectivity and high-intensity OLED display

Soundplay™ delivers the same exceptional sound as Soundplay, as well as Bluetooth® for music streaming and Anthem Room Correction (ARC™).

The driver array is made up of nine 2.5-inch full-range drivers. Each driver is capable of producing nearly the full audio spectrum, from deep bass to the high frequencies needed for precise imaging details. To achieve this, Paradigm engineers increased driver excursion and added a pure copper shorting cap attached directly to the voice coil former.

Thus, one of the longest excursion lengths for a driver of this compact size results in far greater low-end extension. At low frequencies, all nine drivers work in unison, producing as much deep, musical bass as an 8-inch subwoofer. And attaching the shorting cap directly to the former replicates (in miniature) a high performance tweeter design, with lower inductive loss, and produces brilliant high frequency details. Because the full audio range is produced by each individual compact driver, performance is blended perfectly from the detailed highs and dynamic mids, to the deep low end.

Three-Dimensional Soundfield™ 9 Driver Aiming System

Soundplay drivers are divided into three sets within the narrow soundbar structure. Each set is aimed at a scientifically-determined angle, to send sound information out to specific locations within your listening area. This driver-aiming arrangement delivers a more uniform soundfield, with more dynamic range and more realistically blended response, than any other soundbar in this class. Soundplay succeeds where other soundbars fall flat: All around you.

Proprietary Class-D Amplification with Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

What’s the benefit of Digital Signal Processing? Our proprietary DSP platform uses sophisticated algorithms to shape frequency response so that even when Soundplay is playing loud, bass remains clear and musical. DSP is also the processing power behind spacious Paradigm Virtual Surround Sound. Room filling spaciousness or deep bass? In most soundbar designs, it’s a trade-off. Not here! Our DSP-based algorithmsdeliver the best of both worlds – deep musical bass and spacious, room-filling sound. In a soundbar, it’s rare to have both!

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Number of Channels 2.0
Pass-Through 3D
Surround Sound Formats • DTS Digital Surround
• Dolby Digital Surround
• Paradigm Virtual Surround
Bluetooth Yes
Additional Information • Three-Dimensional Soundfield™ 9 Driver Aiming System
• Proprietary Class-D Amplification with Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
• High-intensity OLED display
• Anthem® Class-D Amp; 270W Dynamic Peak; 135W RMS
Mounting Option(s) Stand, Wall
Inputs Ethernet, IR, Optical (2), RCA audio (2), USB
Outputs Subwoofer
Width 46 inch(es) / 116.84 cm
Height 4 inch(es) / 10.16 cm
Depth 5.5 inch(es) / 13.97 cm
Weight 12.7 lb(s) / 5.76 kg

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