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901 Series IV (Wnt)
(Home Speakers - Bookshelf Speakers)

Experience legendary performance from your stereo components. Our best stereo speaker, the 901® Series IV Direct/Reflecting® speaker system, brings the warmth, power and excitement of a concert hall to your home. This flagship system creates the mix of direct and reflected sound you hear in a live performance for a listening experience that conveys much of the emotion of live music.

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Speaker Type Indoor
Color Walnut
Number of Drivers 9
Power Handling 450 W
Amplifier Recommended Range 10-450 watts
Impedance 8 ohms
Additional Information Direct/Reflecting® speaker technology blends reflected and direct sound to re-create much of a live concert's natural spaciousness. Active equalizer, engineered specifically for 901 speakers, balances the output of all frequencies for natural tonal balance and clarity throughout the musical spectrum. Acoustic Matrix™ enclosure dramatically reduces speaker chamber noise. Hear clear, well-defined low frequencies over the entire low-frequency spectrum. Helically wound aluminum voice coils designed for higher durability, greater efficiency and superior power handling.
Midrange Drivers Nine (9) 4 1/2-inch (11.4 cm) full-range Helical Voice Coil drivers in each cabinet
Crossover Information 901 Series IV ACTIVE equaliser
Width 20.98 inch(es) / 53.3 cm
Height 12.6 inch(es) / 32 cm
Depth 12.99 inch(es) / 33 cm
Weight 16 kg (each)
Warranty 1 year
UPC# 017817032247

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