Krazy Kiley's

(Remote Starters - Remote Car Starter)

The iDataStart HC3 is the industry's first and only FLEX-enabled remote start system capable of being programmed in one of three remote configurations: 1-Way/Half-Mile, 2-Way/Half-Mile or 2-Way/1-Mile.

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Additional Information • Built-in immobilizer bypass and databus interface for 10,000+ vehicles
• 5 auxiliary control channels for additional features
• Valet Mode activation via antenna, remotes or ignition
• Weather Start ON/OFF
• Remote Lock/Unlock (2-way only)
• Remote Mute ON/OFF (2-way only)
Number of Remotes 2
Range 5278.87 feet / 1609 m
Trunk Popping Yes
Communication 2-Way

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