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SP-FS52 (Pair)
(Home Speakers - Floorstanding Speakers)

Introducing the SP-FS52 Floor Standing Speakers from Pioneer. Designed with uncompromising attention to detail, these speakers are ideal for home theater systems, offering remarkable audio quality from CDs, videos, gaming and any other audio source. Using three 5-1/4 inch woofers with oversized magnets for powerful bass, these speakers deliver the kind of high performance and exceptional quality that makes for a stunning music and home theater experience. Sold as a pair.

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Speaker type Indoor
Color Black
Number of drivers 4
Frequency response 40 Hz-20 kHz
Sensitivity 87 dB
Power handling 130 W
Impedance 6 Ohms
Additional information • RF molded curved cabinet
• Gold 5-way binding posts
• 8 element sophisticated crossover
• Oversized magnets with vented pole piece for improved bass response
High-frequency drivers 1 inch
Midrange drivers 5 1/4 inches
Bass drivers 2 x 5 1/4 inches
Width 8.87 inch(es) / 22.54 cm
Height 35.19 inch(es) / 89.38 cm
Depth 10.63 inch(es) / 26.99 cm
Weight 11.708 kg (each)
UPC# 012562906102

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