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Link AL8
(Multi-room Accessories - Adapter)

The Bose link AL8 homewide wireless audio link is the easiest way to expand your Lifestyle® system to additional rooms. This transmitter and receiver package delivers two independent audio streams from your system to Bose link–enabled products in another room. All without running room-to-room wires. Wherever you listen, you'll have the benefits of the Lifestyle® system with you.

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Compatible With Lifestyle® V35, V25, 235 and 48 systems. Other Bose-link enabled Lifestyle® systems.
Additional Details The transmitter and receiver work through most walls and floors, and operate from up to 80 feet away. Individual AR1 receivers (purchased separately) can be placed in seven additional rooms for wireless audio transmission from a single AL8 transmitter. Wireless transmission technology easily enables audio in a second room without wiring between rooms. Proprietary Free Field circuitry limits interference from other devices—like cordless phones and wireless Internet connections.
UPC# 017817371483

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